ABDR reports data to surgeons

July 26, 2018

ABDR commences surgeon level reporting

For the first time, the ABDR has provided contributing surgeons with feedback on data they provided to the ABDR.

Late last month, just under 400 reports were sent to contributing surgeons’ primary consult rooms across the country.

Individual surgeon reports included aggregate number of their patients, number of data collection forms submitted by site, time period, type of breast device surgery, and data completeness.

Each report, which covered the period from submission of the surgeon’s earliest data collection form (DCF) to the registry to 31st December 2017, is an important step in improving data quality. Future reports will be generated annually.

ABDR is now developing reports to sites where breast device surgery takes place.  The 2017 annual report is expected to be published in the near future.

Please contact  Catherine Mulvany (03 99030205) to update practice address details. Suggestions for additional inclusions in future reports are welcome.