The ABDR Management and Steering Committee oversee the development and release of reports from validated data in the ABDR database.

ABDR annual reports have been published. We would like to thank all three of the medical professional groups (plastic, cosmetic and general breast surgeons), health care providers and patients contributing to this important health project.

ABDR surgeon/clinician reports: The format of the report is currently being refined and includes data on patient numbers, reasons for surgery, plane of implantation, number of primary versus revision surgeries, as well as on complications such as device rupture and capsular contracture.

More than 400 surgeons/clinicians contributing to the ABDR receive a summary of their individual data. View sample report here.

Only aggregate data will be available for public reports; individual doctors will be able to access only their own patients’ data.

The ABDR Reporting Structure can be summarised as: