Participating in the Registry

How to Participate in the ABDR

All individuals having surgery for the insertion (or removal) of breast devices, such as breast implants, tissue expanders and dermal matrix/mesh, in Australia are eligible for inclusion in the registry.

Surgeons and clinicians contributing information to the ABDR are promoting long-term patient safety and best surgical practice.  If your doctor is already contributing to the ABDR at the time of your surgery,  you will automatically be included in the registry. Your doctor will discuss the registry with you prior to surgery and provide you with a copy of the ABDR Patient Leaflet.

Participating in the registry is easy and requires very little effort. After surgery you will receive a more detailed Patient Explanatory Statement in the post. If you would like to receive a copy of this statement prior to deciding to participate in the registry or would like to receive this by email rather than post, please let us know on (03) 9903 0205 or email

You are free to withdraw from the registry at any time.