The ABDR uses a simple double-sided data collection tool (DCF) to create a powerful dataset. As the roll-out of the ABDR continues nationally, the database will mature to accurately and objectively reflect breast device surgery in Australia.

Data elements in the registry

The data elements being collected by the Registry include:

  • Patient demographics
  • Site
  • Surgeon
  • Operation date
  • Breast
    • Bilateral
    • Unilateral (left, right)
  • Device for bilateral and unilateral
    • Type (Tissue Expander, Implant, Mesh Dermal Sheet)
    • Reference Number
    • Lot Number
    • Serial Number
    • Manufacturer
    • Distributor
    • Shell
    • Fill
    • Shape
  • Patient History for bilateral and unilateral
    • Category of Operation
    • Operation Type
    • Previous Radiotherapy
  • Elements of Operation for bilateral and unilateral
    • Incision site
    • Plane
    • Concurrent mastectomy
    • Axillary surgery incl sentinel node biopsy
    • Concurrent mastopexy/reduction
    • Concurrent flap cover
    • Previous mastopexy/reduction
    • Fat grafting
    • Fat grafting volume
    • For tissue expander, intra operative fill volume
  • Intraoperative Techniques for bilateral and unilateral
    • Intra-op prophylactic antibiotic
    • Antibiotic dipping solution
    • Post-op antibiotic
    • Glove change for insertion
    • Sleeve/funnel
    • Antiseptic rinse
    • Nipple absent
    • Nipple sparing
    • Occlusive nipple shield
    • Drain used
  • Revision for bilateral and unilateral
    • Revision type
    • Capsulectomy
    • Neo pocket formation
    • Explanted device details if applicable
      • Reference number
      • Manufacture
      • Shell
      • Fill
      • Volume
      • Date of insert
    • Reason for revision
    • Is the operation removing an implant inserted overseas? And details.
    • Device rupture
    • If device rupture, indicate whether silicone extravasation was found
    • Issues identified at revision
      • Device deflation
      • Capsular contracture
      • Device malposition
      • Skin scarring problems
      • Deep wound infection
      • Seroma/haematoma
      • Breast cancer
      • Anaplastic large cell lymphoma

Current ABDR Data Items Dictionary

Download the current ABDR Data Dictionary here.  Enquiries should be directed to the ABDR Project Team Tel. 03 99030205.

How ABDR data is reported

Public reports contain aggregate (unidentifiable) data only.  Surgeons/clinicians will receive reports of their own identifiable patient data.  Sites will receive reports of their own aggregate data but no identifiable patient data. Patients can apply for access information about their device and researchers can apply to access (unidentifiable) data. Enquiries should be directed to the ABDR Project Team Tel. 03 99030205. All requests must be compliant with the Data Access and Publication Policy.

How to access registry data for research purposes

Researchers wishing to access aggregate (de-identified) data should apply to the ABDR.  The registry will be acknowledged as the source of data, but researchers will not list all contributing surgeons. Enquiries should be directed to the ABDR Project Team Tel. 03 99030205.